Statesman supports fired healthcare workers, AntiVax movement comes full circle with Religious Rights

Benjamin Irish, the wrestling promoter turned statesman and a prominent Republican Party speaker released a 28 minute video giving support to healthcare workers and others who have been terminated after claiming religious exemptions against vaccination. 

Irish called for boycotting companies that enforce what he says is an unlawful mandate by the governor, and named United Airlines directly as a company enforcing “criminal segregation”.

The video insists that the New York Governor is knowingly breaking the law by deception, and that the denial of unemployment benefits because of religious exemptions is unlawful because the program used to initiate the mandates and terminations is currently suspended, and the state is in violation of it’s restraining order.

“There is a just cause to rule that terminating these people while the program barring religious exemptions is suspended violates their rights.” Said Irish.

Irish, a consideration under the Trump Administration for Dominican Ambassador and an ordained minister, has been advising a small group of healthcare workers in New York that have invoked exemptions to vaccines based on religious beliefs. 

The Federal Court in Northern New York has issued a restraining order against harassing employees to be vaccinated. It concurrently suspended the vaccine mandate plan number two for healthcare workers, a policy that omits exemptions based on religious beliefs. Currently the court has allowed for the first state mandate, through the Health Department, to move forward. That mandate allows for religious exemptions, and Irish is correct that denying employees their rights through the Governor raises a Constitutional Question in law. 

Irish is a powerful voice in the New York work force, especially as an advocate for city healthcare workers. He is an established anti-corruption figure in The Dominican Republic and a household name there. Dominicans make up a large portion of New York healthcare workers and are the largest ethnic population in New York City, believed to be around 2.5 million persons in the metropolitan area. 

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Close to 700,000 Dominicans vote in New York elections. Irish has been a pro se litigant in several high profile Constitutional Rights cases, including bringing Mandamus Writs before The Supreme Court. The video can be viewed here:

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