Steps to Activate Chime Card

The Chime Mobile bank introduced by Chris Britt and Ryan King is now among the leading online banks. It offers all the services of a traditional bank but within your comfort zone. Chime also has Visa Debit Cards. As soon as you open a Chime account, you become eligible to enjoy all these services. You can use the card at most ATMs, retailers, and franchises. Another major perk is that you can even use it for various apps like Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Doesn’t it sound like an amazing package?

Let us learn more about the Chime Card and the steps to Activate Chime Card through the blog. Visit CashCardGreen for more information.

Applying for a Chime Card

Apply for a Chime Card in these simple and easy steps-

  • Enter all the required information and complete the enrollment
  • This will send you a debit card in your mail
  • You will get the card within the fixed period

The arrival of Chime Card

Chime promises the arrival of the card within 7-8 business days. However, if it is delayed due to any reason you should contact Chime Customer Care. You can contact Chime Help either through the Customer care number or through the chatbot or mail. They will help you in all possible ways.

Activate Chime Card

After the arrival of the Chime Debit Card, activate your card through the Chime Mobile App. Login to your Chime Account by entering the registered mail id and password. The chime will redirect you to the page showing information about the activation process. You can activate the Chime Debit Card either through the Chime App or Phone Number.

Via Mobile App 

To activate the card through the Chime app-

  • Login to the Chime app
  • It will show a notification to activate the Chime Card
  • Go to the activation page and enter the card details like Card Number, CVV Number, etc
  • Now, enter the verification code
  • Click on Continue
  • The chime will notify you when the card is activated
  • Now, you can use the card anywhere and make easy payments

Via Phone Number

If you are facing issues activating your card through the Chime app, you can use the customer care number to do so-

  • Call +18009636299 and Press 0
  • You can now talk to a customer care executive
  • The expert will guide you through the whole process and help you activate your card
  • Always remember that should not disclose any kind of personal information

The Chime Customer care services can help you between 7 am to 7 pm CST during the working days and 9 am to 5 pm CST on Sundays.

Chime Temporary Card

The Chime Temporary Card is similar to the Chime Visa Debit Card. It is free for all Chime users. It works exactly like the Chime Debit Card and thus can be used as a substitute for it. The process of availing of the card is also the same. The Chime Temporary Card is accepted at all the places where debit cards work. You can avail of the feature through Chime settings.


The Chime mobile bank allows you to activate your card at your fingertips. Also, you can always rely on Chime Customer care in case of any technical glitch or problem. They will revert at the earliest and provide you with the most precise solution. The Chime Temporary Card also acts as a boon if you have lost or misplaced your Chime card. It can be used as an alternative during any emergency. 

Hence, it can be said that Chime takes care of all your day-to-day financial needs and can be easily relied upon.

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