Story of Akash Sharma’s Career Shapers Startup “Kapdewala”

Roti, Kapda, aur Makan are the basic necessities of human life that have developed over time. The previous concept of simple and ordinary living has transformed into classic and comfy living. People have started moving towards comfort and standard living now.

In the revolutionizing world, where almost everything is revolutionized and fashion along with trends is busting the market, the old kapdewala is back with new trends. Kapdewala just got updated to bring to the modern world stylish clothing with comfort at the knack. Very comfy and has good fabric to make you feel awesome in it.

KAPDEWALA is a direct-to-consumer (D2C) lifestyle fashion brand founded by Akash Sharma with the goal of providing a line of stylish and quirky t-shirts for everyone. Basically, kapdewala is an e-commerce website for printed t-shirts, sweatshirts & hoodies. They also deal in customized t-shirts according to customer needs. They are providing the best quality material t-shirts at very affordable prices.

If someone is passionate about something, whether it is gaming, traveling, music, biking, eating, reading, movies, etc. They have cool designs that help you to speak about your personality in a unique way. The bootstrapped firm started in the most challenging time. It was during the stage of lockdown when the online market was at its peak. It was since then that the journey was unstoppable.

In today’s world, online shopping has become a joy and exciting task for most customers. After the pandemic online shopping became a part of our life. These days T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, etc are in high demand among the youth. Time is changing, and people prefer wearing or trying customized clothes.

KAPDEWALA is a direct-to-consumer (D2C) lifestyle fashion brand founded by Akash Sharma

Personalized t-shirts are the most personal canvas on which people may express themselves. They convey personal and societal messages, interests, and passion as well as their hobbies. For example, if you are a travel lover you can get travel t-shirts with engaging quotes.

This bootstrapped company kapdewala has become the brand in just one year. It was started last year with an investment of Rs. 10 thousand. Today, the monthly revenue generation reaches 1 Lakh, making kapdewala one of the finest examples of bootstrapped to rapidly growing companies.

Akash Sharma is the most aspiring young entrepreneur. He had to struggle a lot to get this position. Akash is a Web Developer & Digital Marketer. Akash was working in MNC. However, the pandemic took away his job. The covid pandemic has bought an immense impact on our lives.

Almost all people had to suffer because of the outbreak of the pandemic. The situation turned out to be serious each day. He was clueless about what could be the right thing for his career. Finally, he decided to open his own business and had to take some risks.

If the job has no security, anything can be challenging. He planned first to commence the business with apparel selling. He always wanted to create his own business, and more importantly, generate employment.

Akash started his business with a small idea. Last year he started selling Holi T-shirts and he actually got an amazing response. It became a hit as everybody loved the design and t-shirt’s looks. And there it was what he wanted! A great kick-start to the business.

He never knew this was going to be a hit. His collection of t-shirts sold like hotcakes. From here he decided to start selling customized t-shirts. Then he planned to open an online clothing business because it would be much more convenient for the buyers.

He decided to give a name to his store. He preferred naming it “KAPDEWALA,” giving it an Indian touch. The name itself was different, unique, and interesting for the modern generation. He created an online site with the name The best thing about the site is that they sell the products at a nominal price, so it becomes affordable for everyone.

Akash said: The clothing market is highly vast and never-ending; we still wanted to make our mark by making premium quality products at affordable prices.

Established in 2021, Kapdewala is an online clothing store that creates a unique range of clothes for both Women and Men. Online Shopping at Kapdewala is easy, convenient, and very exciting! It began with a basic idea and grew into a business. In just a year, Kapdewala has seen some great success and delivered some great customized apparel. It is a desi brand that is unique and comes up with great ideas and good quality as well.

The brand is much committed to its customers. Once the order is placed in the portal, the staffs start with the processing. All the products are delivered to the given address within five to seven days. This is the specialty of their service. They never delay in delivery. In the case of any issues, the customers are informed.

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