Stylish classic department stores around the world

Okay, okay, yeah we’ve heard of the internet, but we were allowing a really real shop. Because there’s something about a physical store that online shopping just can’t change. And nothing beats the classic department store.
In addition to dealing with heaps of different goods and brands, these brilliantly designed stores – in-

store stores offer a variety of items – are an experience.

“Historically, department stores in big cities have been almost like mega-city centers,” says John Whitaker, a department store analyst who has written two books on these commerce stores. Offered so many services that they were really just ahead of the shops. ”
Then there are department stores like 14 Mega City that are worth traveling, in fact for non-shoppers.

1. Le Bon Marche, Paris

Often considered the world’s first ultra-modern department store, Le Bon Marche Rive Gauche has been a great place to stay in Paris since its inception in 1852.

From generation to generation, Lee Boon Marche was an inventor who came up with ideas, such as reading apartments for useless masters, which were copied all over the world. Along with its attractive accessories, Le Bon Marche also boasts of an emotional art collection displayed around the store.

In early 2016, the store was the first retail space to host Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s “Children’s Play” exhibition – featuring two dozen attractive bamboo and paper installations. La Grande Epicerie is a piece of French food paradise.

Located on the left bank of the Seine, the store is less crowded than its counterparts on the other side of the Swash, making it popular with celebrities and locals.

2. Selfridges, London

No department store list is complete without selfies. Selfridges was invented in 1909 and was proposed as the world’s stylish department store at the last three two-year Global Department Store Summit.
Located on London’s main shopping drag on Oxford Street, the store has a sacred space like a shoe gallery – the largest in the world for both men and women. In 2014, it spent a total of $ 432 million to build the world’s largest accessories department.

It has summer cafes with pop-up terraces.

Its infamous Christmas is as widely expected as Windows. In fact, it is the busiest Christmas time in London – its merry-go-round last opened in August.

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3. Brigdorf Goodman, New York

When a department store hits a talkie called “Smatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s”, it’s not easily an old store.
Bergdorf Goodman on Fifth Avenue is the place where Carrie Bradshaw of “Quits and the City”, like the rest of New York’s most fashionable, stores her closets.
There are also departments dedicated to homes, books and children – as well as cafes
. Bergdorf owns a separate three-story men’s section across the street.
Feeling the wrong place? The upscale store also includes an army of special buyers, including 88-year-old Betty Holbrech, who has been called the world’s most infamous special paperback. Betty Halbreich’s office results are third down.

4. Go, Moscow

GUM, Moscow’s public department store on Red Square, has a rich and mysterious history that many can compete with. It has survived more than a century of turmoil since it opened in 1890.
242 – Cadence long, three-story structure escapes bulldozer three times. And it came to the office of Joseph Stalin in the 1920s.

Its lavish toilets were closed in 1918 because of bourgeois luxury. One of them – a large toilet – has now restored its revolutionary grandeur, and is open to anyone willing to spend $ 1.30 (or $ 7.50) for a shower room. Bathrooms, apkins and slippers for women).

Its communist era is not forgotten – there are two Soviet-themed caf ،s, Festivalno and Stolvaya No. 57. An ice rink opens at each closing.

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