The grand celebration for loved ones with amazing decorations and a delicious cake

Celebration is the presence of family members, close friends, and relatives. Also, there is an important element which we cannot miss- the delicious cake. This is so important. Birthdays and other events are celebrated in presence of special ones. They arrange a secret surprise for the person. Cakes can be ordered online and also can be prepared at home. When the person for whom the celebration is organized is living in a different city then the only option left is to trust a delivery service that can give authentic cakes. OyeGifts is an online portal where you can select a variety of cakes and gifts. Through the hard-working efforts of this online portal, you can be assured of the delivery within 2 to 3 hours of order. You can send cakes to India easily by just exploring this website. Even online cake delivery to Chennai is possible by clicking on your choice.

Let us explore some of the ideas for delivering the amazing cake to the person:

Chocolate fudge

you can place an order of chocolate fudge cake from the website. This is an amazing cake that looks like a chocolate pineapple. By using a chocolate base and syrup, this cake is given the shape of a pineapple. A small red cherry is decorated on the top of the cake. pineapple leaves are formed by chocolate pieces and their shavings. This is a different cake which you should order.

The kit kat cake

This cake is specially designed for Kit Kat lovers. This cake is a chocolate cake where the kit kat bars are placed all along the circle. It is decorated with lots of chocolate gems and a beautiful bow is tied around it. This is an amazing and unique idea of making a chocolate cake with the help of kit kat chocolate.

The strawberry cake

The cake is prepared by adding multiple layers of cream and strawberries. The strawberry layer on the top is luring. This cake is a combination of the chocolate base with cream upon it and at last, a layer of strawberry is applied. Strawberry particles are placed in such a way that they look embedded in the strawberry syrup. The three-layered cake is very delicious.

Cherry black forest cake

This is a unique combination of black forest cake decorated with lots of cherries. Black forest is loaded with a chocolate base and cream upon which red cherries are decorated in two circles. People who love having Cherries will relish the taste of this cake.

The healthy cake

Cake is generally considered unhealthy by some health-conscious people but this is a different type of cake. This cake is known as chocolate fruit cake. This is a mixture of health and taste. You can customize the cake by your message on one half and the other half be decorated with lots of fruits. You can gift this to health-conscious people.

The mango cake

This is a unique variety that is best for people who love mangoes. This cake is decorated with mango juice and its pieces. The outer layer of the cake is decorated with almonds. You can order this for a mango lover friend.

The heart shape cake

This is a truffle cake that is designed in a heart shape. The chocolate layers are placed on the cake. The chocolate base is decorated with chocolate cream upon which chocolate syrup is coated. This will give a feeling of a burst of chocolates in your mouth. You can also gift this cake to your partner or friend. This can be used as a romantic gift for special events like a wedding anniversary.

There are a variety of cakes which are available on the portal. You just have to go and click upon the most suited option. Delicious Online cake delivery to Chennai is so easy that you will receive the cake within hours of placing the order.

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