Top 10 Funeral flower and their meaning

Flowers have been an essential part of funerals. It can be taught to choose from a wide variety so here’s a list to sort it out for you. You can also avail services at Mynatt Funeral Home, Bridges Funeral Home, and Berry Funeral Home. 


It might seem like an odd choice to go with sunflowers. But that’s not really the case, vibrant flowers are also a popular flower for funerals. Sunflowers symbolize good fortune, vitality, and intelligence.  You can put these flowers in a single bouquet or add them to wreaths.

Gerbera daisy

Another colorful option for funeral flowers is a subtype of daisies. Available in colorful options in hot pink, yellow, white, and red. You can make a gerbera daisy wreath with all colors of rainbows. These flowers symbolize innocence, purity, and loyal love. You can get these funeral flowers knoxville tn with Petal pushers. 


A forever choice for any occasion, for funerals rose, symbolizes love. An eternal bond of love with the family and with the deceased. Roses can be used in casket sprays, wreaths, and standing sprays. Roses come in a variety of options with colors and sizes. You can also get flower delivery knoxville tn.


These are yellow, thin with transparent kinds of petals and a star-like center. Daffodils have a deep religious symbolism to them. These flowers bloom in the spring and are best kept in baskets and short glass vases. Daffodils represent rebirth and new beginnings. This is a common memorial flower in arrangements. At Funeral Home and Cremations Middlebrook Chapel, Mynatt Funeral Home, and Berry Lynnhurst Funeral Home you can get flowers and other services. 

Peace lily 

A unique white flower that can be made into a flower arrangement and can also be given as a potted plant. Peace lilies have lilies like flowers, these are known to help to strike a balance in your life and clean your aura and send positive vibrations. Peace lily symbolizes life, purity, sympathy, and prosperity. 


These overlapping flowers with wavy petals come in colors white, red and pink. These flowers have been used as funeral flowers for a long time. Carnations can be used in standing sprays and sympathy flower arrangements. Carnations represent a mother’s love, purity, and luck. At  Weaver Funeral Home, Stevens Mortuary, McCarty – Evergreen Funeral Home you can get funeral flowers and services. 


We commonly have two types of lilies Oriental and Asiatic lilies. Oriental ones bloom in august whereas Asiatic lilies grow in June and July. But with hybrid and modern growing tech these flowers can be seen throughout the seasons. Lilies symbolize rebirth and purity. 


Also known as Gladiolus, these flowers are available in vibrant colors and give dimension to the flower arrangement. You can use this in casket spray that goes over the casket and for flowers put inside as well. Gladiolus symbolizes the strength of character, remembrance, faith, and integrity. 


Also known as mums, these flowers are beautiful and have a symmetrical shape. Mums are also seen quite a lot in flower arrangements for funerals. Chrysanthemums come in various colors and in a mini version as well. Chrysanthemums symbolize well being, friendship and bring cheer to the family of the deceased. 


These flowers symbolize beauty, strength, and love. These are amazing-looking flowers and are added to casket and standing sprays. 

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