Mountains has always been a soul attracting destinations for its viewers. People who love nature love the Himalayas for its breathing taking scenes, spritual energy, positive atmosphere and attracting souls. For the same reasons trekkers are attracted to The queen of mountains HIMACHAL PRADESH.

It is one of the most beautiful and picturesque destinations in India. Located in the northern part of India, Himachal is full of natural beauty and it is a traveler’s dream come true.

The queen city of Himachal is famous for its natural beauty, cultural & historic values, and also for its      Unique Tibetan Buddhist temples and monasteries. There are a lot of places that attract people, including SHIMLA, DALHOUSIE, DHARAMSHALA, CHANDIGARH, KULLU, MANALI, NAINITAL, ROHRU, and many more. They are a perfect destination for nature lovers. The region is mainly attracted by nature lovers and risk-takers who have a desire to explore the world of mountains and is also known for its trekking, climbing, and skiing areas.

You can choose to spend your trip in a rural village or a beautiful city. Himachal has something for everyone.

Here’s the list of the top 10 trekking destinations for Himachal Pradesh.


The HAMPTA pass trek is also known as KHUNDRU-KHUNDRU-LA PASS TREK. This trek is located at an altitude of 4270 m above sea level. This beautiful Trek lies between Manali and ROHTANG pass. The trek starts from the queen of hill station MANALI. From Manali, it’s a long scenic drive through valleys and mountains.

The best month to complete the trek is from June to October. The HAMPTA PASS TREK offers its visitors with beautiful flower valley. It is a moderate difficulty level Trek and can be easily undertaken. visit for Hampta Pass trek now


The BURAN GHATI PASS TREK is a total five-day trek that begins from SHIMLA. It lies in the lap of Himachal Pradesh and is situated at a length of 37km with an extended size of 15000 m. It is a moderate difficulty trek. The trek is considered to be a remarkable trek and is a famous and most loved trek among trackers.. the fresh air and the soft smell are preserved in the heart of its viewers. Summer is said to be the best month to undergo this trekking.


The BEAS KUND TREK is situated at an altitude above the level that slides under Himachal Pradesh. BEAS KUND TREK is a beautiful small duration trek with minimal difficulty. Beginners are allowed to undertake this trek.  During the Trekking journey, trekkers have a view of HANUMAN TIBBA, FRIENDSHIP Peak, SHITIDHAR peak, and the HOLY SEVEN SISTERS.

  1. CHANDRANAHAN Lake Trek…

The CHANDRANAHAN Lake Trek is the lake of dedication, spirituality, and meditation. The trek is famous for its ancient, folklore, and geographical heritage. The trek is located in SHIMLA  with a height of 13,900 ft. The CHANDRANAHAN Lake is said to consist of 7 glacial blues and is the origin of the PABBAR RIVER. The historical element is that this lake is the same lake where Goddess KALI used to live. This trek is covered in 7-8 days.


This trek is located at a height of 14, 245 m above sea level. It is an easy to moderate Difficulty level trek that is suitable for beginners. The INDRAHAR PASS TREK is situated in the corner boards of the KANGRA and CHAMBA districts. One must visit the trek from September – to October. The trekkers also witness the blue water of MANKIANI and KARERI.


The BRIGHU LAKE is located at an altitude of 14,100 ft. In the backdrops of the Himalayas. The trek is nestled between the DEO TIBBA peak. It is a 2 day Trek that gives its visitors memories for a lifetime. June is the best month to do this trekking as the journey to BHRIGU LAKE TREK begins from Manali.


The KHERERGANGA TREK is located at an altitude of 3050 m above sea level. It is 2 day Trek with an easy to the moderate Difficulty level. This trek is also accompanied by the honor of the door to heaven. This trek Is also famous for its scenic views, and mythical values. Here the trekkers find an old age Shiva temple is a hot water spring. Trekkers undertake KHERERGANGA TREK in hunch for peace, spirituality, and calmness.


Spread to an area of 110 kilometers PARVATI is one of the longest treks in the Himalayan region. This trek is the way out for the passerby between Spiti valley and the KULLU valley. The trek is situated at an altitude of 17,450 ft. And takes around 8-9 days of trekking. Trekkers have witnessed the outstanding beauty of nature with calmness in the environment. This Trek requires prior experience.


This trek is categorized as the easy undertaking trek in the Himalayas. With a total of 9 km of trekking, it is suitable for beginners. It starts from DHARMKOT and travels to BHAGSU nag. The trek compromise of an altitude of 2850 m and ask for 2 days of trekking. It opens its gate with beautiful pine and oak trees in a dense forest. One should witness the trek either from September- to November, or from March- to June.

  1. PARASHAR Lake Trek…

Lying and resting in the laps of KULLU valley and encircled by the big DHAULADHAR range. This is a 1-2 day trek with an altitude of8,960 ft. The view of KINNAUR, PIR PANJAL, and DHAULADHAR is astonishing. The passer came to know about its rich culture and heritage. The PARASHAR RISHI TEMPLE is the attractive point and the sculpture and the design of the temple attract the trekkers. It is an easy level trek and can be undertaken by anyone.

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