Top 5 Mobile Apps That You Must Have on Your Smartphone in 2021

Without the useful utility apps, a Smartphone is nothing more than a bar phone that you use to make calls or send text messages. You can see thousands of apps on Google Play and App Store for one single purpose, so sometimes it becomes difficult for the users to select the correct application for them.

Being a Smartphone geek, I would like to mention the top 5 mobile apps that you must have on your Smartphone in 2021. It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or a mobile powered by Android, these apps will make your Smartphone more useful for you.

So, let’s talk about these apps right now:

Banking Apps

Technology has made online shopping easy and the world lockdown due to pandemic provided a pace to the trend of online shopping in 2020-21.

Gone are the days when you need to go to your local bank branch or to an ATM station to make a transaction or to pay your utility bills. Your mobile is your bank now as you just need to install the banking app on your mobile and you can do almost anything with your mobile that your bank allows in traditional banking.

You can pay utility bills, you can transfer funds, and you can pay online stores for shopping and much more. With these apps, you should also install the applications offered by your cellular network for microfinance banking. Like Jazz Cash app from Mobilink, EZ Paisa app from Telenor, and more like these apps.

When you have these apps on your iPhone or Android device, you can make transactions on the go. Just make sure that you know the official app of your own bank or your own cellular network.

By the way, if you forget your cellular network or your mobile number, then here is a guide about how to check SIM number.


With the new advancements in technology, you will see a new model in the Android line every day. So you might think to change your current mobile with the latest model and the latest Android features.

Or you might need to buy a new iPhone as you might not want to use the old one. In this case, data transfer is a big problem. Transferring contacts, images, and especially app is a hectic thing for many users.

SHAREit is the solution for this problem You just need to have this amazing app on your current and new mobile and it will transfer the data over your wifi network seamlessly and with 100 times better speed as compared to Bluetooth.

This app doesn’t require an internet connection to transfer the data and it is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Block Puzzle Jewel

Tired of the long day’s hectic work? No need to worry when you have your Smartphone with you. If you have a good mobile game on your Smartphone, you can kill the time, and also you can fresh your mind with a few minutes of gameplay on your mobile.

Block Puzzle Jewel is a very simple, yet entertaining game that can release the long day stress in just a few minutes and you will be fresh again to do more work. You can install this amazing game on your iPhone or any other mobile powered by Android.

You should also check this list of most addicting iPhone games, I am sure you will love this list as all the games listed here are free to play on your Smartphone.


If you are a music lover then Shazam is the app that you must have on your Android mobile or on your iPhone. This amazing app can identify any music track by just a few seconds of scanning.

When you listen to any music on the way; and you don’t know which track is this, just turn on Shazam on your mobile and it will tell you the track name, artist name, album, and all other details about that specific track in just a matter of seconds.

UC Browser

Do you want to browse the internet without compromising your privacy? The UC browser is the app that could be your best friend to keep all your secrets.

This is a secure browser that keeps your privacy and you can browser almost any website on it in the world. The UC Browser is in the top mobile app downloads on almost any survey. So, what is your excuse for not having it on your mobile?

Final Words

There are a lot more apps that can make your Smartphone more productive and if we list down those apps this will be a never-ending article.

So, precisely we only selected a few apps that most of the mobile users ignore as they failed to realize how important and productive these apps are.

If you use any of these apps, or if you have another app that is your favorite in 2021, share that with us by using the comment section below.

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