Top Things To Do When You Are in Perth: Guide For Tourists

Tourism within the states of Australia is open and soon the government of Australia will open its border for international tourism as well. In Australia, Perth is a city that is a paradise for travelers.

The real beauty and the culture of Australia can be seen in the capital of Western Australia, Perth. The weather of the city is sunny most of the year and it is a safe city as well for the tourists.

The only thing that you should be aware of while in Perth is to avoid traveling at night alone on the train. If you have to travel late at night, then it is better to travel in a group and that is too in a bus or a taxi. You can find a Perth taxi any time of the night and it is safe too.

Things to Do in Perth

Here are a few things to do in Perth to enjoy your tour to the fullest and to experience the wildlife and nature of Perth.

Experience the Perth’s Wildlife


You can find diverse wildlife in Perth and its surrounding. You know that Australia is famous for the Kangaroos, and you can find a lot of Kangaroos in front of you when you are in Perth.

You can also find the small Koalas hiding in the trees. It will be a great experience to visit different parks in Perth where you can find Kangaroos and Koalas together.

You can also find Whales and Dolphins in the hot waters of Perth and if you book a cruise tour, you can witness the whales in the water. Sea Lions of Australia and Fur Seals of New Zealand can also be found in Perth.

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Thrilling Adventurous Tours

If you like an adventure in life and want to have some fun then Perth provides you a lot of options to have a tour that you will remember for the rest of the life.

If you want to have some fun in the water, then you can find a lot of options for aqua tours. These tours will have different types of activities related to water. You can enjoy a cruise tour, you can enjoy water bikes.

You can also experience how thrilling it is to run on the water when you are enjoying the pedalboards. You can also fly with a jetpack on the water and you will see how amazing it is.

You should also try skydiving in Perth; you can hire a Swan river seaplane or even an air-taxi.

Explore Culture of Perth

If you want to see the art and culture of Perth, or you want to see the historical significance of Perth then you can find a lot more options for this in Perth.

The Art Gallery of Western Australia is the best place to visit to see the artwork of the local artists from Perth and also from other parts of Australia. This amazing art gallery was established in 1895 so now it has an art collection for over 125 years.

Art Marx Gallery is another place in Perth where you can enjoy abstract artwork. This is a modern gallery but still, it shows the art rich culture of Perth.

You can also enjoy the outdoor cinemas and live stand-out comedy shows at night in this beautiful city Perth, Western Australia.

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