Tricks to Beat Your Competition on Social Media How to Beat Your Competitors on Social Media

Social media is not a mere means of connecting to your long-lost friend living continents apart from you. It is a serious business now (in the literal sense). If you haven’t been living under a rock all these years, you would have noticed the ads popping up on your newsfeed. From a marketing staffing agency to a grocery store, everyone is taking to social media to spread the word about their businesses. 

Although it serves as an advertising platform, social media advertising means that you have to break through the clutter. Here are all the tricks that can help you to do so.

Figure Out the Differentiators

You need to begin by observing that what is it that your competitors are doing differently. Missing out on the leads of your competitors would cause your business some serious damage. Some of the things that you should pay focus on when it comes to your competitor are the actions, their posts that are keeping audiences engaged, the campaigns that they launched, and their strategy. If you notice a trend (that you most probably would), you should start working on lines to do better on the same things.

But before that, you should be aware of who your top competitors are. You cannot label a brand or a company as your competitor just because you think so. Analyze and research. Come up with a list of 5-10 competitors and monitor their activities daily. You would want to keep an eye on every activity of theirs. From the frequency of the posts to the influencers that are helping them get their message across, you need to be aware of it all. Only then can you draft an action plan. 

Explore Thy Audience

Efforts should also be invested in exploring your audience. Deciding a niche that you would target is not where it all ends. You have to go beyond that. Thorough research is what it requires getting to know all about your audience. You would want to be aware of their preferences, likes, dislikes, and all the related aspects that can aid you in designing campaigns and posts. 

From getting to know the age and gender of your audience to learn about their shopping behavior, interest, and location, everything should be researched upon. Lucky for the marketers of this era who have all this information readily available. All they have to do is up to their analytical skills. Creating personalized social media campaigns would become easy if you pay attention to these details regarding your audience. 

Customization of Social Media Channels

What’s working for one social media channel, might not work for another. For example, a post that you put up on Facebook might do well there but fails to engage the audience on Instagram. There could be many reasons behind this. You, as a marketer, should look for the not-so-evident reason and see how you should customize your marketing efforts for various platforms. This requires effort. You cannot just think of creating a campaign and running it across all platforms. 

Marketing gurus explain that it is essential to adopt a different strategy for different channels. Don’t worry, it won’t be as tedious as it sounds. A few things that can help you smoothen the process include stretching the content, adjusting your captions, and personalizing your media.

Viral Content

Do not expect to gain success out of it if it does not go viral. Think of ways and come up with strategies that can aid you in creating viral content. Hire content creators for the job if need be. At this point, it is also essential to note that suggesting someone create viral content is easy. However, you won’t know till the last minute if your content will go viral or not. It all depends on the audiences’ mood. 

But you can always work on improving the chances of your content becoming viral. Some of the things that can help include:

  • Posting unexpectedly but putting up some interesting stuff
  • Posting content that includes humor and gives a message of positivity
  • Focus on engaging and emotional content
  • Add informative pieces in your posts 

Establish Brand Voice

Every strategy will go down the drain if your brand does not have a voice. Remember that the brand voice is your unique selling point. Do not expect people to like or follow you if you cannot have a uniqueness to your brand or company. Give a reason to your target audience to love you and be able to differentiate you from the rest. 

However, remember to have a consistent tone as well. This consistency should persist across all the channels. Whether it is a podcast that you are planning to release or a post on Instagram, your audience should be able to recognize you. 


It is a common practice for brands to rely on automation for their posts. Small or large, the size of the business does not matter when you have to employ the use of automation tools. Any business can choose to use them and save time. The saved time should get utilized elsewhere. If you haven’t used them yet, you should look for reliable automation tools online. They will aid you in scheduling, reposting, and managing your posts. Thus, relieving you of the worry of remembering or putting reminders for everything. 

These tools will also be of great help to keep track of your competitors’ activities as well. From the frequency of their posts to the messages that they deliver, you can keep an eye on every activity. 

 A business needs to strategize well to stay ahead of the competition. Strategizing is an integral part of every business. For example, a company looking to hire people cannot do so if it does not have talent acquisition strategies in place. The same holds for every business. Therefore, plan, strategize, and then act upon them for best results. 


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