Truck accident -When is it considered to be a personal injury?

If you are a truck driver and have injured someone while driving due to your negligence, you are liable for a personal injury case. A personal injury is when you are hurt due to someone else’s mistake, then you can file a lawsuit against the offender and claim compensation. In most vehicle accidents, the driver is on the radar of problems. However, when it comes to truck accidents, there are many people involved, such as the driver, the trucking company, the cargo company and more. In any case, if you were injured due to a truck accident you can contact a Truck accident lawyer in Atlanta to determine if it is a personal injury. Let us know when a truck accident is considered a personal injury:

The driver was under the influence

When a driver drives under influence there are more chances that they can get into an accident and harm others on the road. So if you were injured in a truck accident and the driver was identified as drunk then you can claim compensation under personal injury laws.

If the driver has caused damage to others 

In a truck accident, if only the truck driver or the truck is damaged, then it won’t qualify as a personal injury as no one else was injured. But if due to a truck accident, there were injuries and damage caused on the road, then the driver will be held for personal injury.

If the driver broke traffic rules

Driving rashly, or breaking traffic rules while driving can become a huge reason behind accidents. If you were caught in an accident because of the irresponsible driving of the driver, then you can file a personal injury case against the driver and the trucking company and claim compensation. 

If there was a mechanical failure

If there is any injury or death caused to the truck driver due to mechanical failures like the brake not working, or any other breakdown, then the driver or their family can file for a personal injury lawsuit against the truck manufacturer and the trucking company. 

Thinking straight after an accident is difficult and it is better to get professional assistance to reduce the trouble. If you sustained damage due to a truck accident then you can undoubtedly hire a personal injury attorney to file a lawsuit, determine the compensation amount and fight for what you are entitled to. Truck accidents cause more damage than any other on-road vehicle accident due to their size. In addition, most people who are caught in a truck accident face severe injuries, and sometimes permanent damage. For this reason, you should ensure that you get good assistance from the beginning.

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