Types of Cleaning to Expect from Office Cleaning Services Chicago

Cleanliness is always a top priority in any office setup when it comes to considering the well-being and comfort of everyone. However, defining cleaning between building contractors and office managers may have its own challenges as different level offices have different expectations. That is to say, no two client expectations will be the same. Office cleaning services Chicago provides exceptional cleaning services for your office space by adopting strategies that will all your needs and requirements.

As far as cleanliness in an office setting is required, it has become one of the topmost priorities to hire reputed cleaning services. There are various large cleaning firms that cater to the sundry requirements of diverse industries. It is important to note here that each and every industry has specific requirements and cleanliness standards to maintain. Hence a well-experienced cleaning firm has a proper understanding of the certain set of requirements that each company requires keeping in mind the budget and the scope of cleaning as well.

Besides the cleaning, it is imperative to keep the scope of maintenance as well, as this would let both parties set forth their expectations beforehand. Irrespective of whether the service is provided in-house or outsourced, delivering quality services will be ensured. Following are some of the different cleaning needs and requirements.

First-time Cleaning

Determining whether the cleaning is the first time initial cleaning or not will be beneficial for both parties. This will help in ascertaining the type of base cleaning expected by the business. If the cleaning is first-time initial cleaning then the cleaning company will be more thorough with the process. If the place has not been properly maintained then it might take more time as the experts are not well acquainted with the layout of the area.

As far as the cost is concerned, most cleaning services will opt for a one-time surcharge which will be explained thoroughly in the contract. Before hiring cleaning services, those managers who have a budget for services must be aware that the cost of initial labor and materials is required to accomplish the work efficiently and to meet the set expectations. Therefore, a mutual agreement must be reached regarding the terms and conditions while making the deal with full transparency.

Both parties must have a clear understanding that at the initial stage, the cleaning service providers might take extra steps but will not be applicable throughout the contract. This will be helpful in clearing any sort of confusion.

Standard Cleaning

When we speak of standard cleaning, it specifically means basic cleaning which will differ from one facility to another. This type of cleaning involves light cleaning and pick up on a daily basis after the office has called it a day. Standard cleaning involves:

  • Dusting briskly
  • Spot cleaning switches
  • Spot mopping
  • Dusting horizontal surfaces
  • Vacuuming high-traffic areas
  • Emptying trash cans

Depending on the type of cleaning, there are times when the manager might employ their own staff who can handle minute tasks so as to reduce the hours of the outsourced service. At times, there are situations wherein the tenants or the staff might leave behind a shocker that might create interference in the flow of the work. Therefore it is important on the part of the cleaners to manifest reliability so as to maintain a harmonious relationship with the clients. 

Miscommunication could lead to the clients believing that it is fine when it comes to changing the scope of work impulsively. If there are extra works that have to be done then it may incur additional costs as it will not be included in the scope of the work.

Mid-Level Cleaning

This type of cleaning involves detailed cleaning in addition to standard cleaning. This becomes a necessity due to one or various other reasons. It may be because of the type of business, or facility or maybe simply because there is the requirement to spend more time on cleaning those that are not covered during the day-to-day cleaning. This type of cleaning is essential for those types of organizations that are specifically looking for once or twice a week cleaning. In such a scenario, dirt and debris accumulate as no cleaning services are done regularly. This cleaning process involves:

  • Spot cleaning on carpets
  • Hard floors are completely mopped
  • Cleaning the restrooms
  • Wipe the exterior of trash cans
  • Vacuum around cable chords
  • Cleaning the Lunchroom
  • Cleaning under desks
  • Disinfecting countertops
  • Vacuum behind the computers
  • Vacuuming vents of dust

Complete Cleaning

When it comes to complete cleaning, it is somewhat similar to the initial cleaning as it is done on a weekly basis. This type of cleaning is done by adding more detail and extra attention is required. The cleaning services will also have to put in more effort as there are more dust and debris accumulated in the area between the cleaning. Extra services included in complete cleaning are:

  • Grout treatments
  • Dusting ceilings and other higher areas
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Cleaning blinds and window sills
  • Cleaning vending machines
  • Cleaning Refrigerators

One of the differentiating factors between complete cleaning and deep cleaning is the time invested in the process and the cost. One should understand that cleaning a building requires more time to ensure that it is properly cleaned. Extra detailed services are also required with additional workers.

Stand-Alone Services

These are services that are not included in the regular cleaning of cleaning services. However, this service can also be employed but you must be prepared to be invoiced separately. Such services include:

  • Polishing the Floor
  • Refinishing the Floor
  • Deep Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet Repairing
  • Floor Stripping and Waxing

Evaluation of the Cleaning Services Chicago

The first and foremost tasks are to determine the level of cleaning that is required by the facility. Once this is determined, you can assess the cleaning service providers to ensure that they are capable of achieving the desired results. You can make use of software applications that will be helpful in keeping track of the attendance of the workers. You can also estimate the time taken to complete certain cleaning tasks. Using a checklist will also be helpful in measuring the results. The bottom line is it is essential to choose the right cleaning service provider to ensure that the result matches your expectations.

The managers must also understand the level of cleanliness and its cost so as to be able to set a practical budget. One must be sure of the type of cleanliness they are looking for and how much they are willing to spend on it so that they can effectively communicate it to the service providers. There must be left no room for any confusion or misunderstanding to crop up.

There are a couple of things that you must keep in mind when choosing Office cleaning services in Chicago because it does have an impact on the business as well as the environment. Research wisely, go through the reviews of the service and check out if the services they provide are environment friendly or not. You need to be detailed in your research as you would not want to end up with a mediocre service provider who will provide you with under-rated results.

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