Visibly stand-out features of Windows hosting

Features of Windows hosting – As far as web hosting is concerned, there is a lot of debate, especially when it comes to which type of hosting you should go for. At any one point in time, there are different features that are more popular with users. Therefore, we see how the popularity of any hosting type is inconsistent.

As businesses expand or grow, their needs change, and then they resort to other hosting options which can provide them with the desired service. We can see that with the vastly changing dynamics, choosing and settling for any one type of hosting it’s not very easy.

Since we are fully aware that the correct type of hosting can be a deal-breaker or a deal maker for your business, you must invest a reasonable amount of time before you finally decide which one to opt for.

The following blog outlines some of the features of Windows hosting and why it has continued to bag massive popularity in the previous years.

What is Windows hosting?

Because of its rich technical attributes, Windows hosting is one of the most popular web hosting services, and it is the first choice of many organizations and business conglomerates.

Despite lagging behind Linux in several areas, Windows hosting has some distinct advantages that make it a popular hosting platform. First, because of its massive market appeal, it evolved into a hosting system that supports a wide range of programming languages previously thought impossible.

In addition, you can get cheap windows hosting packages now from your web hosting provider easily. This means you can avail yourself of all benefits of windows hosting without having to worry about the costs involved.

Moreover, with web hosting agencies like Navicosoft, you can also get payment plans that ensure that you can pay according to ease and convenience.

Why choose Windows Hosting?

Compared to its Linux counterpart, Windows hosting has many areas of exceptional strength, making it an ideal match for a hosting service. In addition, some web programming languages and scripts, such as ASP, Visual Basic, and C#, require it to function correctly.

It also supports commonly used databases such as SQL and MS Access, so you won’t really have much trouble managing your database.

Some features of Windows Hosting


Windows OS is one of the most popular platforms, with widespread use in in-home and corporate computers. This is primarily due to Windows’ streamlined and user-friendly navigational interface, making it easier to function and regulate.

Much greater Access

Some websites require data extraction via an access database, which is typically difficult to integrate with the operating system. On the other hand, Windows paves the way for seamless database integration, making it easy for your website to access data effortlessly. Furthermore, the Windows operating system integrates with nearly all types of databases that most people prefer when hosting their websites.

Application Development

If you intend to develop window-based applications for your website, Windows OS is an excellent choice. Because the Linux platform cannot support window applications, Windows emerges as the only option if you intend to develop Windows applications.

Compatibility with the.NET Framework

Because of its superior functionality, most people prefer to build their websites on a dot net framework. Windows OS is exceptionally receptive to the dot net framework, making it an excellent choice for web hosting services. In addition, it can be interesting to note that Windows OS seems to be the only platform compatible with the Dot Net Framework or Visual Basic.

Insights into the System

A new exciting feature provides insight into how your system is performing and even makes predictions about how it will perform in the future. For years, system administrators have used Perfmon counters to track down server resource utilization issues.

Still, these counters must be configured manually and are typically run as part of troubleshooting rather than on an ongoing day-to-day basis. Instead, system Insights employs performance monitoring counters in a predictive manner, even employing machine learning code!

Now, moving on to the most frequently asked questions about Windows hosting:

Does Windows host support WordPress?

One of users’ most frequently asked questions is, “Can you host WordPress on a Windows server?” Microsoft provides a set of tools and a solid platform for hosting WordPress. Microsoft’s web platform interface is one of its most essential features. In addition, the Microsoft Windows server family includes several roles that can handle complex IT tasks.

Does Windows host support PHP?

Yes, the answer is yes. Most Windows shared hosting services support PHP by default. If PHP is not enabled on your host, you should request that it be allowed.


Now ,we understand what Windows web hosting is. Windows shared hosting is an excellent choice for a wide range of needs. Although it will cost more than the Linux solution, the efficiency and benefits of Windows web hosting will outweigh the costs. Moreover, with the cheap windows hosting plans that different web hosting agencies offer, you can overcome the high prices. Don’t hesitate to use this service if you want high functionality and integration with widespread applications.

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