What are some of the most popular online platforms for selling old televisions?

Are you looking forward to selling your old Smart TV? We have got a solution for you. Smart TVs are the new age television sets preferred by most modern viewers. Since most Smart TVs offer features like Netflix, Amazon, Youtube, etc., they are in huge demand. However, Smart TVs are pretty expensive, and not everyone can afford them. People are always on the go to buy an old Smart TV provided it is in good condition.

You can sell old Smart TV that you want to get rid of and get a good amount of money for the same. This article will guide you to some of the simplest ways to get the best price for your old Smart Television. There are multiple ways to sell your old Smart TV and receive money for the same. However, you will have to ensure that the TV isn’t in such a bad condition that you can’t sell it off. You can use the following ways to sell an old Smart TV : 

The first and the most trusted platform to get the best price of an old Smart TV is Cashify. 

Cashify : 

You can sell your old Smart Television to Cashify by following a few simple steps. Cashify offers the best and the most accurate price for an old Smart TV. All you have to do is check the cost of your TV set on the Cashify website. Once you are satisfied with the price displayed on your screen, you need to answer a few questions about your TV’s current condition. After answering the questions, an exact value of your TV will be available in front of you. After checking the deal, you can schedule a pickup for your old Smart Television.

You can schedule the doorstep pickup at a time at your convenience at your workplace or home. A Cashify technician will visit you and check the Smart TV’s condition. Once he thinks the TV is in good condition, he will then pick up the TV right from your doorstep. He will then give you instant cash in exchange for the television. 

The advantage of selling old Smart TVs to Cashify is the customer’s convenience. You can sell old TV to Cashify without going to a retail store. You also receive instant money, which is quite beneficial. Enjoy doorstep services when you sell old Smart TV to Cashify. This process reduces the hassle of carrying your TV to the buyer’s house or the retail store. Therefore, if you want to sell your old Smart Television, Cashify is the best place to do so. 

Moreover, there are two other ways to receive monetary returns in exchange for an old Smart TV set. We will walk you through these options to help you figure out which platform suits your needs the best. 

Trade your television in at an electronics shop : 

You can trade in your old Smart Television at a retail electronics shop. However, this step will only let you purchase a new tv. You cannot expect monetary returns when you trade in your old television for a new one. In such a case, if you are looking for a new Smart TV, this is an excellent opportunity to get a new one at a lower price. However, this step might come with a lot of terms and conditions. You might be able to trade in your old Smart TV only for a new one from the same company. This step might close other Smart TV alternatives for you. It limits or restricts your purchase of a new Smart TV from a single brand or company. 

The third and the last option to sell an old Smart TV is as follows : 


You can sell an old Smart TV on OLX. You have to put up an advertisement for your Smart TV, and potential buyers will be able to view it. Once a potential customer is interested in the deal, they might contact you. You can settle the agreement with the buyer at a price that is convenient for you. However, there are a few drawbacks to this platform.

Firstly, not all buyers might turn out to be genuine buyers. Some of them may promise to pay once they receive the product, but they might end up doing monetary fraud. It would be best to be observant enough to spot any such fraudulent buyer. There are also possibilities of your Smart TV being unsold on this platform. If no buyer is interested in the deal, you might end up being back to square one. Therefore, this platform to sell an old Smart TV has many possible outcomes. 

You can sell your old Smart TV through many platforms, but the safest and the most convenient way is to sell it through Cashify.


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