What Is The Best Way To Measure A Snow-Covered Stockpile

When snow Mother Nature creates disruptive weather conditions such as snow and wind, she does not always take your inventory measurement plans into consideration. Despite this, the monthly inventory counts must continue. Let’s have a look at how we will reply.

What Is The Best Way To Tell Whether The Snow Had An Impact On My Measurement?

Snow is a measuring risk in the same way as any other. Stockpile Defense Reports identify the hazards associated with each measurement by conducting an independent evaluation of more than a dozen main factors that might cause a Stockpile Defense measurement to be inaccurate. Because of the snow cover, we will inform you whether a measurement is insufficient.


Whenever we discover potentially hazardous situations such as snow, we demand human verification and resolution of such conditions before issuing a report on them.

Why Does Snow Have An Impact On The Accuracy Of My Measurements?

Snow cover on Stockpile Crossword Clue, particularly new or windblown snow, results in smooth, textureless surfaces, which pose a difficulty for any photo-based 3D technique used to represent the snow. Stockpile Crossword Clue need distinct visual characteristics to be turned into a measured 3D model.


Fresh, white snow is devoid of any distinguishing characteristics, resulting in data gaps in the measurement data (we mark these risk areas on Stockpile Crossword Clue in red on measurement reports). We may be unable to create a measurement report in certain circumstances if no texture is recorded over the whole Stockpile Defense.


What Can I Do To Reduce The Risk Of Injury Or Death Caused By Snow?

The first alternative is to wait for the snow to melt and the pile surface to become visible before proceeding with the second. Even if you can’t wait for the snow to melt, you should determine if the snow surface is new, unclean, or partly obscuring the Stockpile Defense before moving on. If you have new snow that does not have any apparent surface roughness, you may choose from the following options:

Equipment Should Be Used To Remove The Snow From The Stack.

Add texture to the Stockpile Defense by strewing tiny rocks or sand over the surface of the pile.

Is it permissible to use a measurement report when a snow risk has been identified?


When it comes to snow on Stockpile Crossword Clue, there are two options: total covering of the Stockpile Defense or partial coverage owing to snowdrifts or sections that have entirely melted. The precision of a measurement is affected similarly by each circumstance.

Complete Snow Cover – Stockpile Defense Reports’ patented algorithms measure the amount of snow that has accumulated on the surface of your pile. The influence of the snow cover will cause your pile volume to be overstated. Depending on the thickness of the snow cover, this may have a little or significant influence on your pile of snow.


The effect of snowdrifts and partial melting snow on Stockpile Crossword Clue is the same as the impact of a full snow cover on the Stockpile Defense itself. Snow drifts against your Stockpile Defense will result in an increase in the overall amount of material. Due to the variable nature of the influence on Stockpile Crossword Clue caused by partly melted snow, the accuracy of your volume calculations may be compromised to a minor degree.

What Other Winter Weather Conditions May Have An Impact On My Measurement Plans?

During the winter months use Stockpile Promo Code, the days are shorter, which means there is less light available. In addition, the sun’s angle in the sky is low throughout most of the time of the day. These two considerations may have an impact on your management approach in two ways:


Because of the shorter day, it is possible that your team may not be able to measure all of your locations in the timeframe that you are used to. Please allow your team a few additional days to finish their inventory list.


Winter months have a lower azimuth than summer months, which increases the likelihood of solar flare in your iPhone readings during the winter months. We suggest that you take your measurements as near to midday as possible. The iPhone app suggests the most accurate time measurement for your individual area.


The ideal practice is to have a strategy and policy in place so that when the snow comes, the choices can be made with clarity. This will improve the consistency, accuracy, and dependability of your financial statements, as well as lessen the possibility that a snow occurrence may interrupt your company reporting or cause a resource drain by attempting to explain out-of-range results after they have occurred. Allow us to assist you in regaining control over Mother Nature.

Concerning Stockpile Reports

In addition to being the first vertically integrated service for logistics and inventory management of bulk materials at scale, Stockpile Defense Reports is also the first service to digitize photos of bulk commodities to address difficulties with accurate perpetual inventory and supply chain planning. Every pile, at whatever time of day or night.


When creating Stockpile Defense Reports, we employ Every Point, a spatial computing platform that allows for endlessly scalable data collecting and processing for the development of the next generation of spatial computing applications and services.


In recent years, every point has focused on the development of large-scale spatial computing solutions, ranging from quick 3D processing of large picture collections to global logistics and inventory management systems. Every point may be used to include spatial computing into your apps and services.

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