Why Choose Linux Shared Hosting in India for Small Business

Business website owners want their website to grow, and for fast business growth, they need fast and reliable website hosting. Today, Linux shared hosting in India is the most popular choice for web hosting because it helps small business websites grow quickly.

Although multiple web hosting services are available in the market, Linux shared hosting in India is the cheapest option of all. Also, it provides your website with ultimate security and reliability. Most webmasters prefer Linux over Windows; you have a better chance to rank on google if you use Linux OS.

In this article, we will explain all the benefits you can enjoy with Linux-shared hosting in India and how it can boost your business website.

India Linux Shared Hosting Servers: Overview

Shared hosting is a web hosting type where hundreds of websites are hosted on a particular server. On the primary server, all websites share the same resources and storage space.

In Servers, two major operating systems are commonly used: Windows and Linux. The term Linux shared hosting refers to a shared server running on Linux.

Linux is the oldest and was the first Operating system introduced to the world, which is why it is the most trusted and reliable Operating system.

If you host your website on a Linux shared server, you can rest assured that the operating system will never slow your website down.

Reasons to Choose the Best Linux Shared Hosting in India 


It doesn’t matter whether the hardware is new or old; Linux supports everything. Even those systems that are very outdated. It is great for new or small businesses because they might not need to pay for new machines. 

Easiest Interface:

Modern developers find Linux to be a fantastic and streamlined platform. Windows and Apple are rigid platforms, whereas Linux is an operating system you can play as you want, and the interface and command are Simplest on Linux.

Open Source:

This is the most wonderful feature of Linux OS That it’s open-source. It means that anyone from anywhere can contribute to Linux, and because there are always new minds and new ideas working on Linux, it has become the most developed operating system in the world. India Linux shared web hosting improving over the years because of that.


Linux Shared Hosting in India is less vulnerable to any cyber-attacks. The operating system is open-source, and any loopholes will be fixed as soon as possible.

Unlike this, a window is an in-house operating system, and if windows Os faces a Cyberattack, it will take much more time to resolve by a Windows Security team.

Data privacy:

Shared hosting is not private. You have to share your website with other users on a web server. However, Linux gives you a bit of privacy even though you use a Linux shared hosting in India. Linux did not take much data from users, and also, you can remove unused Sioftwraes or bloatware from your servers.

Control panel:

Linux shared hosting in India is completed, handled, and managed by a web hosting provider. But you may need to do some tasks yourself, like, domain addons.

For that, you require a control panel, and there are mainly two control panels used by most people: cPanel and Plesk.

Ubuntu is the only OS that allows you to use both of these control panels.


Linux Shared Hosting in India is the best option for new businesses and small business websites. And if you find the Best web hosting company, it will give you more benefits such as Server Uptime guarantee, High bandwidth, Multiple website hosting facilities, and many more things. So do your research and get a cheap Linux shared hosting in India.

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