First time in India, Leucoderma patients and doctors together celebrated World Vitiligo Day-2022

According to the study, about 2% of people in India are suffering from white patches and many of them will struggle with this problem for their whole life due to the lack of proper treatment, in 30% of patients due to their lifestyle, in 25% of patients due to their improper eating habits, in 21% of patients due to unbalanced mental status and in other patients, environmental factors, are the major reason behind white patches.  This causes patients to go through extreme mental and social pressure, like making friends, acquiring a job, getting married, going out in short clothes, or attending any social gathering.

World Vitiligo Day-2022,Leucoderma patients,World Vitiligo Day,Vitiligo Vikings Festival,

Keeping the sufferings of patients in mind a very commendable step to celebrate World Vitiligo Day as the “Vitiligo Vikings Festival” was taken by Dr. Nitika Kohli.

World Vitiligo Day was the first one of its kind community day program celebrated in India in which many leucoderma patients along with doctors participated and proved that they can do everything that any healthy individual can do. All the participants in this program were only the white patch patients while all the doctors and guests sitting over there motivated & encouraged patients which is probably a history written in itself. All the participants in this festival actively participated in various activities such as fashion shows, dance, singing, and other talent shows to prove that they are no less than anyone.

World Vitiligo Day-2022,Leucoderma patients,World Vitiligo Day,Vitiligo Vikings Festival,

At this festival, more than 100 vitiligo-friendly food items were served to all the vitiligo patients, doctors, and other guests present in this program, which proves that despite the many restrictions in the diet, leucoderma patients can eat & enjoy very nutritious, beneficial and tasty food.

World Vitiligo Day-2022 Festival was the first of its kind community day program celebrated in India

Dr. Nitika Kohli said she did this program for all her patients who are struggling with negative thoughts in their life due to white spots and social pressure to bring change in themselves, making their lives as comfortable as normal. Dr. Nitika Kohli’s thinking proves that “a doctor can not only help in fighting the diseases but can also help in eliminating the social evils associated with it by creating a special kind of bonding with their patients.

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Dr. Nitika Kohli (Director, Aimil Healthcare and Research Center) and DRDO scientists have made this treatment possible and lakhs of white spots patients have benefitted from this in the last 10 years. Her team of doctors works all over India and provides full medical support to leucoderma patients.

With her tireless & intense efforts, Dr. Nitika Kohli has not only proved that leucoderma can be treated but also that it is not a contagious disease. So we can live, eat and play with leucoderma patients without any fear, which not only increases the courage of the patients but will also give a positive message to the entire society that there is no need for any discrimination against such patients.

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World Vitiligo Day also known as ‘leucoderma’ or ‘white leprosy,’ is an autoimmune disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks healthy cells that produce pigment, causing tissue damage. Melanocytes are the cells that produce the skin pigment melanin, which gives your skin its color; when melanocytes die, white patches appear.

Every year, over 1 lakh cases of vitiligo are reported in India. Vitiligo can occur at any age, but it is more common before the age of 30. There are many different kinds of these. These white spots appear in one area of the body in some people. At the same time, in some patients, these spots spread throughout the body gradually. There are many assumptions about this, which causes vitiligo patients to experience mental stress.

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